Who are we?

Why we exist

We believe there are many misconceptions about sustainability. As a consequence, many factors and variables affecting the environment and nature are completely left out and not talked about, although their impact is enormous.

We are convinced that these approaches are not appropriate for evaluating the current condition of humanity and the planet, and we therefore strive for a pure scientific and fact-based approach.

Many European countries have organizations that inform their citizens about a sustainable population  that lives in balance with the environment. This is why we unite together to form the European Alliance for a Sustainable Population (short: eurASP).

Our mission

Our mission is to clear up ideological misconceptions and explain what a sustainable population implies. One of the major variables of a sustainable population is its sheer size.

eurASP offers scientific evidence of how human population, its size, density and consumption patterns affect our most precious livelihood, planet Earth.

eurASP is an international platform that promotes science-based awareness raising about the implications of a sustainable population.

Our logo

The logo symbolises eurASP’s dream: a world where a prosperous humanity lives in balance with its environment and nature. The people and trees around the globe represent this harmony.

The globe is centred on the European continent because we are a European organisation and we want to focus on awareness raising in Europe. We recognize that the population issue is a global challenge, but we also believe that convincing European leaders and citizens is a necessary step in realising global action.