Science-based awareness raising for a

Sustainable population

Our mission is to scientifically raise awareness about the impact of human population, its size and density on society and on our most precious livelihood, planet Earth.

Sustainable population

Human population growth and high consumption levels are at the root of our most pressing environmental problems, including the wildlife extinction crisis, habitat loss, pollution and climate change. 

It’s not only about our individual consumption but also about the numbers of consumers. Numbers really do matter, so what is a sustainable population? Check it out here!

The benefits

We seem to be able to adapt to a more technological world that is organized in such a way that it allows space for more people. 

But what is the cost of it for our environment and nature, our livelihood? How does it affect the quality of life and the relationship we have with nature?

We do not often think about it, but a sustainable population could have many benefits. We list them here!